Monday, June 15, 2009

A few past cakes

Hi all! I thought I would put a few past cakes on here since this blog started after I had made 5 or 6 cakes. Here they's fun to see the I learn, I'm tackling harder things...It's SO fun! :)

This was my second fondant cake...a baby shower cake for a friend. I made the mobile out of jewlery wire! I should have added some flesh color to the baby's skin...she looks a little pale! :)
A sushi cake for my brother in law. The sushi is rice krispie treats wrapped in black fondant. I made the little rice and avacado/crab from fondant. I hand painted the cake brown/wood grain...that was fun!

I think this tea pot was my fourth cake...and for my daughter's 4th birthday party. It was my first sculptured one.

I made this one right after the tea pot...obviously a birthday cake for a fellow Lost lover! :) I had a template and cut out the design in the fondant and then poured melted chocolate into the design. I could have flooded it with black royal icing to get a really smooth surface, but it wouldn't have tasted as good! :)

And dice cake for a game night!! Brownies with buttercream...YUM! :)


  1. Hey I love all your cakes! When you say that it's brownies, is it an actual brownie recipe that you use for the cake?

  2. Yup! It's brownies, layered up in a cake! YUM!