Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Flower Pot Cake

Today is my sweet friend Jen's birthday!! She turned 29 again for the 9th time! :) Hehe!! Happy Birthday Jenny!! We love you!!

This was my first time making flowers!! They were "ribbon" roses...because you don't make each individual petal (as the pros do)...you basically create a thin thin ribbon from fondant and roll it up and then roll the edges back with your finger to give it the petal shape. It goes MUCH faster than making true to life fondant roses and has a more funky look to them (not the older/more traditional rose look). So, I liked how it turned out. My first flower pot cake. I copied this from one of my favorite cake people...Cupcake Envy. They make AMAZING mini cakes!! Including the flower pots.

The cake is brownie with chocolate ganache filling/crumb coat. The outside is modeling chocolate rolled thinly...although, it needs to be thinner and more fondant like to cover smootly. This batch I made was more for modeling, and not for fondant/cake wrapping...a little stiff...but, it all worked out. I made the roses (all 40+) last night as we watched Nacho Libre'! :) LOL! It was fun to pass the time.

Happy Birthday Jen!!


  1. OMG!! It's looks so beautiful flowers decorated birthday cake!! I just love it so much!! It is a great idea as birthday gift!!

  2. Love your cake! Going to try to copy it :)

  3. This is really beautiful. I tried to copy it for my birthday cake but couldn't work out how to get the roses so loose. Would you give me some tips for next time, please?

  4. Hi, is this a class on Craftsy? I would like to make a flower pot cake for my niece's birthday but need more detailed instructions.