Saturday, June 27, 2009

My first Topsy-Turvy cake

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY NEPHEW RYDER!!!!! He had a Mario Kart themed birthday party complete with two Wii machines set up with Mario Kart on them. It was a GREAT party!

Onto the cake! - This was the hardest cake I've ever made!!! - and the FUNNEST! It felt like at every curve, something went wrong!! It was weird! I guess it was good because I got a serious dose of humble pie on this one! It all started with using yuuuummmy oreo cookie butter cream! :) I should have kept it in the fridge on and off while I was working on it because the more I worked, the softer the buttercream got and it started to bulge...lesson learned. I'm making sure that won't happen again!!! So, fortunately there were lots of decorations to hide some of it...but especially the blue layer got the worst of it!!
Then, another lesson learned...never cover a cake with fondant that hasn't been kneaded for a while. I only kneaded the white fondant a little while and it was still pretty firm but I thought, oh this will be great, it'll give me a firm layer and a nice shape - WRONG! It cracked and tore like crazy! So, that was the issue with the white layer. Now, the blue tier had issues too...lesson learned here too! :) I had to knead the blue color into it for what felt like hours!! I honestly was sweating - it was dripping down my back after 30 min. of adding color, kneading, adding more powdered sugar, kneading, adding crisco, kneading! I totally got my work out in - and so yes, I'll have another bite of cake! :) That wasn't the problem though...that was to be expected when trying to achieve that royal blue color...the problem began when I didn't let the fondant rest...I put it straight on the cake...bad idea. Again, lots of tearing and elephant skin!! It's crazy how many lessons I learn on new cakes/techniques!! But, it's next one will be 100 times better - hopefully! :) Don't get me wrong, I loved how this turned out (decoration wise), it's soo fun! - just not technically - technically it was a mess! :) But I'm sure on future cakes, you won't see these same mistakes...lessons learned for sure on this one! :)

A few more pics:

Everything was edible except the cars and the chain on the chomper dude. I loved the bananas and how the chomper guy came out! The little items were fun to make. The mushroom base was rice crispy cereal/marshmallows and the top was chocolate cake with ganache filling/coating. So fun!!


  1. WOW. WOW. WOW. Aaargh! INCREDIBLE. I wish I could have seen Ryder's face!

  2. Jess, what a gift! I won't ever be able to thank you enough!!!!!!!! The cake was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and has been talked about ALL DAY LONG. Thank you SOOOOO SOOOO SOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! We LOVED it! It was beautiful and yummy and SOOOO special. Thank you for putting so much hard work into it. I own you one (or two...or three...)!!! THANKS!!!!

  3. Jessica?!?!?!?
    You are unbelievable. Kimberly told me it was unreal, but this is just over the top! I wish I could have been there to see it. I hear it was not only perfect to look at, but also one of the best cakes anyone had tasted.
    You have a gift!

  4. you are ridiculously good at making cakes! I really enjoy checking out your new little pieces of art work. I made John sit down and look through them:) He was impressed too.

  5. Wow, this is amazing! it doesn't look like there were any problems at all! You do such a beautiful job on ALL of your cakes! WOW!!!

  6. Awesome job!! I am so interested in how you cover with ganache.. I've never made it before- any tips??

  7. Are you kidding me? Jess, your amazing! What a great talent! I can't wait to hear more about the liscensing....that's great news about not needing the seperate kitchen!!!

  8. AMAZING !!!! I love seeing all the fun things you create. I hope the fridge and license thing works out for you soon.
    How far in advance do you take orders?

  9. glad I stumbled upon your site....I've been wasting time peeking at your creations while I SHOULD be getting ready for work =o)

    I'm curious where you got and what type of wires you used for the stars?????

  10. Just me again Berlynda im so in aw with your cakes i just made for the first time modeling chocolate, wont no till later if i did it right. Do you have a recipe for modeling chocolate? And i agree with all the coments you are amazeing.

  11. Berlynda: If you click on the link at the very top right of the page "Most commonly asked questions", there's a recipe in there for modeling chocolate! Good luck! - and thanks for the kind words! :)

  12. italiano: è bellissima!!! ho tradotto per comprendere meglio quello che spiegavi, sulle difficoltà che hai trovato. mi piacerebbe tantissimo imparare a farla, vorrei realizzarla per il compleanno della mia mamma (turvy cake) con un tema romantico/chic, hai qualche tutorial a cui ti sei spirata oppure te stessa se l'hai fatto, dal quale prendere spunto e... sopratto l'impasto e la farcitura che hai usato indicandomi in GRAMMI gr perchè quì in italia non abbiamo i Cup :) un bacio ti seguo con affetto


  13. Petit Tresor on Facebook:

    This gal did a great little video on how to do a topsy-turvy cake. Click here and watch it.

    As far as the cake recipe, you can weigh out the ingredients if you have a scale, or do a conversion through google to find out what the cup measurement is. Good luck! Thanks for your sweet comments!

  14. google translator:
    perfect THANKS!

    then you will give me a courtesy turvy cake recipe with its filling then translate it into Italian? : P

    thank you! if you're on facebook visit my creations, you're welcome <3

  15. Petit Tresor: You can use any of my recipes on here! :) Go to "Most Commonly Asked Questions" at the top right of my blog and you'll find lots of great recipes! :)


  16. hi jessica! I am diana and I am a biiig fan! that cake is the best topsy turvy cake i´ve evr seen NO JOKE! i wanted to know two things...what are the pan sizes you used for this cake?? and how many layers of cake did each tier have? and second... i NEED tutorial videos from you! you are such a talented artist and its so kind of you to share your knowledge i just can´t wait until you release your tutorial videos :)

  17. Diana: You are too sweet! Thanks! I used 9" pans for the base and 6" pans for the middle tier. The top tier is rice crispy treats I formed in a 1-cup pyrex glass measuring cup and the top of the mushroom is the domes from the 6" cakes I cut off and joined together with buttercream...then reshaped a bit to make the dome.

    I'd love to do more videos! - It's just a timing thing!! :) Thanks for asking!!

  18. Jessica, are you on Facebook?

    1. Not anymore. I used to have a personal account but disconnected it because I just don't have the extra time. Sorry! :)