Saturday, October 24, 2009

Jordan's 1st Birthday Cake

And here it is...
What a fun cake! I really liked how it turned out! - it's a slight variation from my original sketch, but I think it's better - so that's okay! :) My sister loved it too, and that was what mattered most!!
A few new things for me...First time putting on horizontal stripes and first time doing an argyle pattern. BOTH much harder than they seem!! :) Getting horizontal stripes straight is tough! And this was only the second time I've EVER piped on a cake! WHEW - I need to practise! That is one skill that is practise practise practise!! I think I need to practice making royal icing too. Since I don't make it very often, I'm still unfamiliar with the consistency being KEY when doing piping. This stuff was too stiff, but worked! Next time I'll be able to get that better, I think...
Here's a close up - but don't look too close! :) Unfortunately the pics are a bit blurry since I was shaking from not eating breakfast and trying to hurry!!! :( You might notice in the top pic that the "1" is crooked!!!! These top two pics were taken at home as my kids and husband were waiting in the van - engine running! So I slapped the "1" on top, snapped some pics and took off! On the way down to Salem, I realized the crookedness of my "1" and fixed here you go to prove I did fix it before the party started!! :)

I had to show you! :) Small details are as important as big ones!!

I made two flavors. The top cake was vanilla with black raspberry buttercream and the bottom was chocolate with vanilla buttercream. My buttercream of choice is Italian Meringue Buttercream, so that's what both of these cakes were filled with. OHHH they were so tasty! Just zoom in to see that yuuuummmy thick layer of buttercream under the fondant!! Buttercream is just the best part of a cake (in my humble opinion), so I'm loading it in there!!

All in all a fun cake, new techniques learned!! Thanks for looking!


  1. This may be my favorite one so far. So classic looking. Good job!

  2. this is one of my favs too! and the inside doesn't look too bad either :)

  3. Awesome cake! It looks delish too! How many layers do you do your cakes? It looks like 3, torted?? Just wondering... Great job! :)

  4. Usually I prefer 4 layers of cake and three layers of buttercream...but mixed it up in this case - which was three cakes and then the chocolate one I torted to six. I actually liked how it held up better...I might do that from now on?! - plus it looks amazing and you get more buttercream in there - YUUMMMMMY! :)

  5. I think I have already told you this, but YOU ARE AMAZING! I can't wait to have a special occasion where I can hire you! :) Wow!

  6. HI, I too am a fan of the Italian or Swiss Meringue Buttercream. How much of the raspberry puree do you put in for a batch of the buttercream for it to taste like Raspberry and change the colour?
    I tried doing it the other day, but I dont think i added enough puree!!!
    Thanks and love your work.

  7. Any tips for acheiving the argyle look on the bottom tier?

    1. I placed the diamonds, then used my architectural angle to pin prick the diagonal pattern (you could just cut some cardstock to create a template), then piped on the pricked design with some red royal icing to make the "stitches".