Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A collection and a surprise

This morning I had in mind to finish my little wedding cookies and get them up on the blog. What I wasn't expecting was a WONDERFUL surprise to enhance my little collection! :) My amazing and incredibly thoughtful sister-in-law showed up on my door step this morning to surprise me in all my glory (pj's on, glasses on, no make up, etc etc etc) with a beautiful cake stand!!! RED RED RED!!! Ooooh lala! I LOVE cake stands, and I particularly love my sister in law's style - she has an incredible eye for detail, color, graphics, etc! I swear I'm going to convert her to a cake designer someday!! :) hehe - or at least an event planner!! So, Kim, I changed my colors a bit just for you so that I could show the world my new cake stand!! Thank you thank you thank you for your thoughtfulness...I LOVE it! :)

Here's a close up of one of my favorites. This funky flower is inspired by my amazing friend Mindy who has been making these adorable and funky head bands for little girls. I love "nameless" flowers! :) So, here's to you Mindy! :)
I tried to "even up" the sides of the cookies (so they were straight on the sides and not spread like the first attempt) by trimming the flared edges a bit. It made for more crumbs and a few broken pieces, so I think next time I bake them I'll re-cut them right from the oven while they're still warm...that might give me nice edges?! We'll see - another day, another experiment! :)


  1. These are so cute! So funny... I was thinking "ooh I love the flowers and the colors" and then I read the bit about me - LOL! :o)

    Love the cake stand too. Kim rocks!

  2. One word Jessica, amazing. Simply amazing. You do a beautiful job!

  3. these are amazing!!!!!! and love that cake in the flower pot--those flowers are fabulous!

  4. Love these! I have linked to them in our 50 Wedding blog post feature, on