Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cake Templates

I've been asked what kind of template or program I use to create my cake sketches. I simply print out some templates I created in my AutoCAD and use those to trace new cake designs right over the top...usually using my sliding glass door to help see the sheet below! :) So, I'm sharing with you my templates. If you need different heights, then just use the cake template below, but only draw it up half way for 2"h cakes, or double it for 8"h cakes! Each cake tier is 4" high.

Round Cakes

Square Cakes

Click on one of the links above and download the templates for your own use! Happy drawing!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing those, they will be useful :)

  2. Thanks for posting , but how do you draw on them on the computer?

  3. Sam: Just print them off using the links above. Then you can use them as templates to overlay new cake ideas on. You don't have to create them on your computer. I did it in Autocad for you! :)

  4. Thanks! Very help full!!!

  5. You are very generous - Thank you!