Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Meeple Cake

My husband and I love strategy board games!!! We own over a hundred games! :) It's a hobby and a passion and has given us many fun evenings with family and friends.
We play a lot of games with one couple in particular, Ian and Mindy. Ian's birthday is today and Mindy comes over on Wednesdays for a I figured today was a perfect day to make a cake together for her husband! I baked some brownies last night (although I over cooked them a bit - LOL - sorry Ian!) and this morning we worked together on a little meeple cake.

Meeple? - you might ask?! - here's a whole bunch of meeples so you can see what they are. We use them for several of the German strategy board games we play! - and Ian always plays with green ones! - I always play red, my husband is always yellow and Mindy is always blue...don't ask me's just what we do! :) - and now if I play any other color but red I'm thoroughly confused! ;) LOL! So, of course we had to make Ian a green meeple.

Last night I baked one recipe of brownies in two 8" pans...which was why I overcooked them a bit. They were so thin...but I wanted to put frosting between them and knew I couldn't cut fudgy brownies in half! :) I also made up a batch of green modeling chocolate for the outside from Wilton's green candy melts. Once Mindy arrived I put her to work!! - she carved the cake from a template I made, then she embossed the wooden fondant board and painted the wood grain! She's totally a pro now...I need to convert her from an amazing photographer to a cake maker! :) hahaha!! In order to cover the meeple, I did it in two sections...We cut green strips for the sides, then a meeple piece for the top. I then trimmed the edges to make it as square as meeples are. Thanks Mindy for all your work on the cake (and for making lunch for the kids, and for cleaning up after them!) turned out awesome and it was super fun working with you!!

And, Happy Birthday Ian!! May the Lord continue to bless you and your family this year!!


  1. She did an awesome job with the board! I thought it was a wooden plate! Love the meeple. Nice sharp edges! You did a good job.


  2. This cake was an inspiration to me! I love board games too and every Friday we have a group of friends over to play. Last Friday I made my husband a cake inspired in yours for his birthday. I used red fondant for the meeple because that's his colour - something to do with the Roman 13th Legion... So thank you! You can see how it turned out in my blog: Note that it is the second time I work with fondant, so it's far from perfect!

    1. Yeah! A gamer!! :) I'm always red too whenever we play games. We LOVE boardgames and have all the ones I could see in your photos!! Nice work!!

  3. Almost two years after you posted this I stumble over it :-)

    A friend linked to your blog and I saw this in the sidebar and simply had to click it since I love playing Carcassonne, one of our many games, where the followers look just like this :-)

    Just like you, I always play red :-)

    Happy gaming!