Monday, January 23, 2012

It's Easy...

I just posted the Little Purse Tutorial yesterday based on a cake demo I did at a women's retreat last weekend (read this post). My cousin Jamie was there and apparently took some video of me. I guess I kept saying, "See it's easy!" after I would do something simple and would hear the "Ooooh's and Ahhhh's" in the crowd. She just saw my post and sent this video to me and told me I HAD to put it on my blog for all to see! - silly girl!

So, I thought I'd share it so you can see me in action...if only for a few seconds! - 26 seconds to be exact! :) I was putting on the flap of the purse in this video.


Now, after seeing the tutorial from yesterday's IS easy, right?! :)


  1. *LOL* We have a Staples company button that when you press it, a voice says "That was easy!" I think you need one of those!

    Just wanted to let you know that I had two cakes to do this past weekend and I feel like they were my BEST cakes yet and I feel like they were because of your upside down frosting video tutorial! I will never ever ice a cake any other way other than how you showed to on your video!!!!!! Thanks so much for taking the time to do one up and post it for us!!!! *HUGS*

  2. Catherine: Yes...I guess I do need one of those buttons! :) LOL!!

    And congrats on your beautiful cakes!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it when I find a new technique that makes everything better/easier!! I'm soo glad!! Congrats!

  3. I loved watching that....a little blast from the past hearing your voice. ☺ I remember being so impressed with your apartment walls that you had painted! And now you are even more impressive!! WOW is all I can say!!!You are one talented girl.

  4. Man! I wish I could've been there!... Your cakes are amazing!

  5. Hi there,
    Big fan here. When will your tutorial videos be up at cake central?


  6. There's been several delays with the Cake Central videos. It's probably going to be closer to spring now! :) Sorry for the delays!!