Saturday, March 8, 2014

Sneak Peek #3 For My Newest Craftsy Class

In less than 10 days, my next online class with Craftsy will be launching!!!

I've got one more sneak peek picture to show you!!
Sorry it's a little blurry!! :) - but it's a super cropped photo so as to not give too much away. does give away a good clue!!

Now that you've seen the sneak peeks...what common theme do they have?!?! 

I can't wait to list out all the techniques I get to share with you in this last class of mine.  So much fun stuff that truly hits home with me.  This is my magnum opus...based on the three little things I LOVE in my life and that got me started in this world of cake decorating!!

Hope that helps in figuring it out!! :)

Love to you all friends!!!

OHHHH, and remember to check back here next week (towards the end of the week) as I'll be posting the Title card and full pictures of ALL the cakes!! :) - OH...and don't forget one more GIVEAWAY!!!!!



  1. Jessica, waiting for your next class...circus theme...scallops? Layers?

  2. Seems to be circus themed, but I think you're going to be showing texturing of various types and maybe some layering.

  3. Fun Children's Cakes or Carnival cakes. Can't wait to find out what you have been up to. The days can't go quick enough :)

  4. Definitely Children's cake themed, Carnival and Pirate ships come to mind :):)

  5. It does look like a circus theme! And the colors kinda remind me of superheroes too!

  6. Geeze is it launch day as yet!!!! This is just too much to bare ugh lol...

  7. omg I can't wait! I just signed up for the other 2 classes yesterday and I really like how informative they are. You're a great instructor and I've enjoyed it so far :P