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This class is full of super fun tips and techniques!!  I show how to build and sculpt rice crispy treat structures, how to add lettering and any graphic/text to a cake, how to cover cake boards, how to create ombre fondant and more.  I also include all the templates to build these three cakes and have a bonus lesson showing how to use Photoshop to change up the colors!!  Don't miss out!!!

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Click the link above to watch a promo video, to look at the cakes you'll learn how to make and all the techniques I cover.

HERE is a blog post about the class with descriptions and pictures of each cake.

You'll learn how to build and stack a double height cake, how to crumb coat it and cover it in fondant.  You'll learn all about metallics; how to paint, spray and luster dust your cakes, how to apply silver leaf and create silver leaf decorations like lace, polka dots and flowers.  You'll learn how to create 6 cakes, and 6 new flowers, some made from edible paper!!  It's another class full of tips and techniques I know you'll enjoy! :)  Blessings!

 Clean and Simple Cake Design
For more information about the class and the cakes I teach, check out these links:
**For 50% off this class, click HERE**

There are some other amazing Crafty Classes out there you don't want to miss!!  And because I love having you all as amazing friends, I am going to share with you my special discount code for these classes!!
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This is one of my favorite and probably one of the best classes on Craftsy!!!  Brenda is absolutely a delight to watch and she is SO precise and detailed down to exact measurements and weights of fondant to use.  It is the first time I felt I could actually create beautiful figurines that didn't look frumpy and silly!!! LOL!!  Thanks so much Brenda for a fantastic class!!!

Learn how to make these beautiful edible high heel sugar shoes!!  There are several styles to choose from and Elisa walks you through how to do with without needing to buy any kits!!  Super simple and gorgeous, these shoes will sure impress your loved one!!  Click on the link above for $10 off!!

This class is fabulous!  If you'd like to learn about how simple painting techniques and super simple modular designs can create hugely impactful cakes, then this is the class for you!!  Allison is a great teacher and an amazing artist!  I never realized how simply painting your pieces (even the same color as the fondant) can really change the look of the finished product!!

If you have a sports fan in your life, this is the class for you!!  Mike is hilarious and the BEST cake decorator out there!  You will learn a ton!!!

Custom Lettering & Monograms
By: Nicholas Lodge 
Nicholas walks you through so many simple ideas to create any kind of lettering on your next cake project.  This is definitely a must have in your cake education!!

Cakes in Full Bloom
By: Erin Gardener
Erin is a fabulous teacher and shows you how to add sparkle to your cake along with how to make open peony, honeycomb dahlia and trendy ranunculus, as well as fun fillers like billy balls, eucalyptus leaves and hellebore flowers.  Super fun class with a wonderful instructor!

 Creative Cake Separators
By: Marina Souza

 Decorating from the Inside Out
By: Amanda Rettke 
Going inside!! - are you ready to put some beautiful designs inside your cake to wow your friends and family!!  Amanda shows you how!!  A great, simple class with fun techniques!

Advanced Cake Sculpting
By: Mike McCarey
If you'd like to learn about carving, structure, scale and internal supports don't miss this class, it's incredible!!  Mike is so fun to watch!!  You will learn a ton!

 Beautiful Hand Painted Cakes!!  Kate Sullivan's new class is called "The Art of the Painted Cake" and it's fantastic if you want to learn how to broaden your art abilities in cake.  Click HERE for 25% off!!

 Modeling Chocolate Magic
by: Lauren Kitchens
**An incredible class on modeling chocolate, how to use it, make it, paint it, sculpt it, and more!!  There's even a lesson on pricing cakes!!!  Don't miss this one!

 Wafer Paper Flower Cake
by: Stevi Auble
 If you've been dying to know how to make beautiful wafer paper flowers for your cake projects, this is your class!! :)  It's beautiful!  Stevi's cakes are so sophisticated and stunning.  You'll learn how to create several very popular wafer paper flowers as well as use gold leaf as accents to your cake project.  Click HERE for 25% off this class.

 Fondant Frills with Maggie Austin

If you've ever wanted to learn some wonderful secrets to make your next stenciling project much cleaner, I would highly recommend taking this class!!  Alan is a very thorough teacher and gives you some great techniques for perfect stenciling!!  And, I have a 25% off discount link HERE

If you've wanted to expand your tool kit of flavors, this would be the class for you!
And, of course, I have a 25% off discount ready for you!!  Click HERE!!!

 Global Cucpake Design
 This is a BRAND NEW class with Craftsy and SO adorable!!  What's fantastic about Sheryl Bito's new class is the diversity of her designs!!  You don't have to just use them on can also use them on sugar cookies!! - YUM!  Check it out HERE for 25% off!!

 Classic Car
 This class was pure entertainment with some awesome cake skills!!!  Mike McCarey is the most amazing cake designer EVER!!  - no arguing with me on that one!!  And, not only that, he's widely entertaining!  He shows you all the tips/techniques you'll need to build any kind of car!  This is a fantastic class you will thoroughly enjoy even if you never want to build a car cake!!  It's like a great movie!!!  Check it out HERE for 25% off!!

 Designer Handbag Cakes
The legendary Elisa Strauss created this beautiful class full of great tips/techniques to help you on your next fashionista cake!!  She guides you through how to carve your cake, create gumpaste accents and shares with you a variety of textures and luster finishes for the most popular leather styles...from alligator to ostrich!!  Check it out HERE for 25% off!!!

Small Cakes Big Business
I loved this simple class by Chrissie Boon!  She is so cute and such a great speaker.  She shares with you how to make your business profitable by coming up with four to 8 different cake styles that you can make money on now and that you can streamline in your business.  She also goes through ways to sell through your websites and how to set up successful site.  Great tips for getting your business off and running.  Check it out HERE for 25% off!!

Lauren Kitchens is back for a super fun class that will WOW your friends and family!!  Learn the simple tricks to making crazy amazing cakes that will leave people saying, "How'd you do that?!"

Marina Sousa's Designer Fondant Textures
Marina shows how to create fondant textures and designs for over a dozen simple cakes!!  It's a great class to expand your tool kit of ideas and techniques!!

Intro to Modeling Chocolate
Lauren Kitchens does a fabulous job in this class of introducing you to modeling chocolate and all the amazing ways you can use it on your next cake projects!!  A must see class full of great teaching and techniques!! 

*Taking classes like this will radically improve your artistic flair in cake making.  Knowing how colors work together and how to create concept drawings and ideas is key to helping your client see what you imagine in your mind.  Check out these fantastic classes!!

Master Palettes
(I'm taking this one now!)
*Click on the title above for a 25% discount* 




This is one of my FAVORITE food classes on Craftsy!!!  OH my goodness!  Deborah shows how to make authentic mexican street food tacos...with simple hand made corn tortillas!!  My mouth was watering the whole time...can't wait to make my own now!!

I LOVE bread and Peter is a bread genius!!!  He even has a free PIZZA class (Click HERE).  It will honestly change the way you make bread!!  I have made the BEST bread/pizza since taking this class.  Home made bread makes the best gifts!!  Check it out for 25% off!!!

YES! You can make amazing cheese at home!!!  Check out this class to learn how!!!  - and you'll be the star of your Christmas parties!!!  Get 33% off at the link above!

Ode to beautiful, crispy, delicious pie crusts!!!!!!!  You will be baking up incredible pies in no time after taking this class!!  My mouth is watering!!!

OH beautiful croissants!!!  Making these heavenly treats just became soo much easier!!!  You will enjoy making these treats for your next party or just eating them up with a yummy cup of coffee!!!  Click above for 33% off!!

She's back with some incredible delicate tasty scrumptious treats!!!!  I dare you to not gain 5lbs!! :)

I LOVE getting jam as a gift!!  It's a sweet treat of love!  If you want to learn how to make the best jam and marmalade for Thanksgiving or Christmas gifts, check it out here for 33% off!!!



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